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Smuggled Inside

We went to see the baby today. It started like any visit does... they go in, I stand out in the hall and wait for the blinds to open so I can see him through the glass. (If you're not a parent or grandparent, you're not allowed in the nursery.) The nurse opened the window, I mouthed "Thank you" to her, she turned and spoke to JJ and Jennie, then turned and left. There was a big box in my way, so JJ pointed to where Dameon was so I knew where to shift myself to see. I saw someone coming towards me out of the corner of my eye, so I looked over, and it was the nurse that opened the window. I was slightly confused as to why she was approaching me... the only thing I could think of is that she was going to tell me I couldn't come around so much, because generally when I'm standing at the window, gazing in at Dameon, other people passing by try to stop and look in the window too. Lo and behold, she glances around, then motions for me to follow her. She said something to me, took off around the corner, then I uh... get lost, yeah that's it... and wind up through a door with protected by a number lock... luck just opened it right up for me. I wander along, not following anyone, not knowing where I'm going, but suddenly I'm in the nursery, and I get to see Dameon all up close and personal. He's off oxygen and his IV, and getting better and better every day. It totally made my day to be able to reach out and have him right there at my finger tips. I didn't want to push my luck, though. The nurse seemed okay with me being there after she realized I wasn't going to smother Dameon or be all crazy happy stupid. She said to me after I mysteriously found myself in the nursery that it was just "so you can see him up close for a minute." She lingered while I got myself situated (not too much, cause she said just for a minute), checked his vitals, then looked at me. I looked at her, figuring she was about to tell me it was time to leave, but she just nodded and sat down at her desk.

I don't even know how long we were in there. But it was seriously awesome. Hearing him make little baby noises and seeing his big ass smile up close was too amazing to put into words. I may only be his uncle, but I'm damn proud of this DAM kid.


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